Email & Collaboration

Zoho Products for Better Customer Management

See your emails organized according to the CRM pipeline, and respond to the customers who matter most with Zoho SalesInbox.

Zoho CRM’s real-time feeds, chat, repository to share sales collateral, and centralized calendar make closing a deal easier for everyone.


When most of your day is spent in CRM, it is vital to know if any of your prospects have responded to your emails. Get immediate alerts from deals and contacts that are most relevant to you, right inside Zoho CRM. Reply instantly to emails, add follow-ups, and make notes when needed.


Plan your demos with prospects, calls with customers, training sessions, and just about anything sales-related using the built-in calendar. Use the group calendar to check your colleagues’ availability before scheduling calls or meetings. Direct calling from the calendar makes hunting for a prospect’s phone number a thing of the past.


If winning deals is exciting, shouldn’t selling be, too? Turn routine tasks into contests and watch your salespeople compete to add the most notes or send the most emails. Change the way salespeople work by breaking the routine with Gamescope. It’s more than just leaderboards or rewards; it’s a way to liven up your workplace.


Keep your team updated through @mentions, geo-tag your in-person meetings, and share documents in Feeds- a centralized area for all CRM discussions.

Document Library

Allow your reps access to the sales collateral that corresponds with their respective deals through a centralized repository.


Make segmenting and searching for customer records more efficient through keyword tagging.

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