August 2, 2018


by: Bodhi 360


Tags: SharePoint, SharePoint Governance, Workshop


Categories: Business Productivity

SharePoint Governance – 5 steps – Workshop Model

Enterprise content management is a daunting subject for any organisation and service provider due to lots of expectations in the first stage and intricate work process. We have seen some clients who came to us after buying SharePoint and it remained unused or underused – sort of paralysed ECM .

Such challenges feel too large because the blue print of information architecture was not developed with minimisation approach. SharePoint Governance is not a one time solution, rather it matures over a considerable timespan.

We developed an online workshop to simplify the challenge, and break it down into manageable, achievable parts. Using this workshop model (provided online forms, Excel templates and PDF document), one can design information architecture for ECM solution.

The image below splits the governance into two parts:

  1. Buyer persona model – where we categorise information that would be the backbone of Product model.
  2. Product model – intranet portal will be provided based on above information.

The PDF below has QR codes for each section – scanning this code will lead you to forms that are meant to get information from the organisation. Such forms help to build unbiased ECM solution.

Why do we suggest to an online workshop as opposed to board room meetings only? Because we have seen that governance preferences come from top-down process, which leads to cases where ECM solutions go unadopted at lower hierarchical levels. This is where you get a paralysed ECM system, which is bound to fail over time. So generating a consent data from all hierarchical levels is important in building a healthy ECM solution.