Setup Remotely

Guide to setup remotely on window

Step 1: Copy the URL below and paste it on Browser URL Bar (Fig:1)


Step 2: Double Click On “Remotely Installer” (Fig:2)


Step 3: Click On the “Download Button” Fig: 3


Fig: 3

Step 4: After Downloading Click On arrow and Click On Open. (Fig: 4)


Fig: 4

Step 5: After opening a dialog box appear Click on “More info” link(Fig: 5)


Fig: 5

Step: 6 Click on “Run anyway” (Fig: 6)


Fig: 6

Step 7: After installing a dialog box appear IN Server URL Copy Past ( – > After that click on Install(Fig 5)


Fig: 7

Notes: In Server URL, Please don’t type the URL use copy-paste so there is no spelling or missing anything.

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