April 16, 2021


by: Bodhi 360


Categories: Restaurant Website



Our client required an online food ordering website for a Restaurant which is in Thuringia, Germany. When the order is placed by the client Invoice was automatically print, they did not want to print it automatically. They wanted a low-cost hosting server and integrated the system with a POS system.

Key challenges of the project were:

Auto Printing system.

POS system integration.

Cron Job.

Too many E-mails.


● PHP ● MySQL ● Rest Api ● HTML ● CSS ● Node-Red ● Send Grid


After research and our expertise, we suggest the client about PHP (Yii framework). Yii Framework fast and secured. Rest API help to integrate with the POS system. Node-Red automates the cron job and integrates with POS. SendGrid handled the email.


After implementing our solution, the client gets the following benefits.

Fast Ordering Website.

Integrated With Pos.

easy to manage food item

Manage addon category

Size’s for food item eg. smal or large

Has Option for cooking reference eg. Well done, Medium rare etc

Manage address , tax , delivery charges , Receipt Message etc.

Send email notification to owner once there is new order.


Sales report

Sales report by item

Sales summary report

All reports can be exported to an excel CSV file


Sales charts for last 30 days

Sales charts by item