April 14, 2021


by: Bodhi 360


Categories: Premiun Ecommerce Site

Premium Ecommerce Site


Our Client is based in Munich, Germany, who distributes various exported grocery items across the European region. He required an eCommerce site that is integrated with an ERP solution so that he can create the estimate and invoice for their customers. He wanted that whenever the order is placed the invoice is generated in the ERP System. He wanted to mention their stocks, monthly sales and sales report for an accounting must be export in Datev. He needs that their server must in Germany location, the site must be GDP compliance.

Key challenges of the project were:

Integration of site with local system software ERP.

Date export in Datev Format.

GDP compliance.

Bulk stock management and bulk product update.

Custom code.


● Tools and Technology  ● ASP. Net (MVC)  ● Nop Commerce  ● HTML & CSS  ● Power BI  ● EULANDA  ● Azure Server  ● Zoho Chatbot  ● Rest API  ● MS-Excel


Our team of expert studied the project in detail and analysis the complications and find the relevant solution which fit for the project. Nop commerce is the premium web-based software for creating the eCommerce site. MS-Excel to enter the product in bulk and manage the stock. Zoho chats to interact with the customer if he/she face any problem during buying the product. HTML and CSS to customize the look and feel of the site. Power Bi creates the customize report for specific conditions. Rest Api creates a connection with Eulanda and Nopcommerce. Asp. Net (MVC) customization for Nopcommerce.


After implementing our solution, the client gets the following benefits.

Monthly and yearly sales Report.

User Role base management system in nop commerce.

Datev file export.

Generating invoice online and desktop-based software.

Creating offers on products.

Get notification for stocks.

Stocks, sales, customers, etc. Sales report.