August 2, 2018


by: Bodhi 360


Tags: Flow, SharePoint


Categories: Business Productivity

Automate business processes with Microsoft Flow.

Microsoft Flow is the cloud-based workflow tool that comes with Office 365. Microsoft Flow comes with lots of configured elements (connections, conditions and activities) to connect with Microsoft and other applications. In our experience, we have seen that most business cases can be solved by combining multiple flows and even automating a complex business process is now fun.

Below is a list of some of the existing Flow templates (over 900):

  • Start an approval for new file to move it to a different folder
  • Post list items to twitter after approval
  • Send approval or rejection SMS for SharePoint list items
  • When a Smartsheet sheet is updated, send a push notification
  • Get daily inspiration from Brain Pickings
  • Send an SMS when new Salesforce Opportunities are created
  • Receive a text on new YouTube videos about your company
  • Alert me via SMS when file is created in dropbox
  • Save my location to Excel
  • Send an email for new YouTube videos with condition
  • Create a task in Wunderlist when an email is flagged
  • Create a task when an event is added to a calendar
  • Save Gmail attachments to on SFTP server
  • Invoice Request from SharePoint
  • Receive an email notification when a new video matches a search on YouTube
  • Save my location to Google Sheet
  • Send an email when a new item is created in SharePoint.
  • Find smiling people in Pinterest using Face API & then send Tweet
  • Send specific files created in OneDrive for Business as email attachments
  • Create an Outlook business contact from a SharePoint list
  • When an existing list item is modified, update a SQL row
  • Forward emails with and without attachment from Office 365
  • When a new video matches a search, create new project
  • Run sentiment analysis on tweets and push results to a Power BI dataset
  • Post to WordPress blog and send an SMS by a button tap
  • Add new OneNote pages as Todoist tasks
  • When an incident is resolved, create an item in SharePoint for post-mortem
  • Post on Facebook page for a new post created in WordPress blog
  • Get a push notification when a file is updated in OneDrive
  • Post a Tweet at specific time
  • Send an email with current location to the specified email account
  • Create a new Zendesk ticket with Bttn
  • Get daily weather reports delivered to your email and phone
  • Forward Gmails that meet a certain condition
  • Sync modified files between OneDrive and Dropbox
  • Extract data from a new email and create a new lead in Salesforce
  • Get a push notification and SMS when you get an email from your manager
  • Get a text when you get an email from a VIP customer
  • Copy updated files in Dropbox to a specific folder on OneDrive
  • Notify me via SMS when dropbox file modified
  • Create Outlook tasks for new emails in Gmail
  • Copy important emails to OneNote
  • Save Gmail attachments to an FTP server
  • Notify co-workers about running late to a meeting

List of flow template can be found here Author of list (Shantha Kumar .T)

In one business case, a hotel client from Germany was interested in updating PDF on his website without using CMS.

So, we used flow –Save Gmail attachments to SFTP server, and provided him with a printed document, where he only has to scan a QR code, that composed an automated email with recipient email, subject and body. He simply has to attach the PDF file to the email. As soon as he sends the email, the PDF gets updated on the website.

See the above example in this video.